Lauren Sullivan


The National Football League’s Washington Football Team, now known as the Washington Commanders, faces an abundant amount of franchise issues, but its toxic workplace environment full of sexual harassment towers above the rest. This is just the most recent example of a professional sports team mistreating its women employees. Year after year, sexual harassment allegations resurface, revealing a contemplation of whether the current “solutions” for curbing sexual harassment in the professional sports industry are effective.

Current remedies, both in a legal and societal context, have inhibited efforts by women for equal treatment from the teams who employ them. When allegations arise, an internal investigation follows, ultimately leading to sanctions by the organization’s league. Lawsuits commonly follow, often resulting in settlements. Soon after, another scandal within the industry hits the media—and so, the process begins again. By exploring potential modifications to current remedies and proposing initiatives for the Washington Football Team, this Note provides hope that the organization launches an effort to strip itself of its toxic and pervasive culture and leads in the next step of decreasing sexual harassment throughout the entire professional sports industry.

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