Jeff Becker


The Grain Belt Express, a proposed wind energy transmission line that will span across much of the Midwest,[1] has been stalled for the past five years due to the legal battles it has faced in Missouri[2] over whether the company can be properly granted the authority to exercise eminent domain power over landowners in the state who oppose the project.[3] This Note provides a comprehensive analysis of the issues surrounding the Grain Belt Express in Missouri in order to argue that the project is in the state’s public interest—as correctly decided by Missouri’s Public Service Commission in granting Grain Belt eminent domain authority[4]—and to advocate against legislation specifically aimed at blocking the project in Missouri.[5] This Note proceeds by first providing an overview of the project and the issue, next presenting the arguments on both sides of the issue, then providing the legal and regulatory background, followed by a summary of Grain Belt’s legal journey in Missouri to date, and finally concluding with arguments against the Missouri legislation targeted at the Grain Belt Express.

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