Stacy Rummel


Angela Koenig of Lemay worries about her diabetic son Kyle all the time. Medicaid dropped Koenig from its rolls in November 1997. She took a new job a few months later as a bill collector for MCI in Earth City. But she can’t afford to pay $320 a month for family health insurance coverage. Koenig, son Kyle, 6, and her daughter Emalee, 2, are without insurance for the first time. “What if he rides his bike and falls and breaks his arm?” asked Koenig, 23. “We really need insurance.”[1]

[1]. Bill Bell, Jr., Medicaid Expansion Passes in House, Awaits Carnahan’s OK: About 90,000 Uninsured Children Would be Covered: Plan Would Cost $20 Million Yearly, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 15, 1998, at A1.

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