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This article describes the Urban Housing Issues Symposium, an interdisciplinary program that began in 1992 as a cooperative experiment between the Saint Louis University School of Law and the Washington School of Architecture. The program, which soon expanded to include social work and public policy students, used hypothetical problems, and later real life problems, as a way of demonstrating the importance of interdisciplinary relationships that the professions have in the context of real estate development. By giving the students the chance to interact, the students learned a greater appreciation for the variety of disciplines that are involved in the development process, including the different languages that are spoken by those disciplines. The article reviews the growth of the program and its accomplishments, as well as some of the difficulties that must be overcome in order to institutionalize such a program. It concludes with recommendations for expanding the symposium into a two semester program with students preparing responses to neighborhood requests for proposals during their first semester and working on the implementation of selected proposals through clinical placements during the second semester. The appendix includes a course syllabus and sample Housing Issue Symposium problems.

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