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... Mrs. Carolyn Payne, a 21-year-old black resident of Holly Springs, Mississippi, delivered her own baby in the front seat of a truck after the emergency room of the Marshall County Hospital had refused admission.'1

... Ysidro Aguinagas, an 1 1-month-old Hispanic baby, died... after being denied admission to a public hospital in Dimmitt, Texas, despite the fact that the hospital was ... publicly financed. The baby would not be admitted without a $450 deposit.2

... an Hispanic man, conscious and speaking Spanish, arrived at an emergency room at 7 p.m. for treatment of stab wounds suffered in an attack. No doctor arrived until 8:30. Upon arrival, the doctor inquired about insurance for the patient and whether the patient was in the country legally. The wife, also Spanish speaking and monolingual, could not satisfactorily answer these questions. By 10 p.m. that evening, three hours after his arrival, the patient died. He had been inadequately treated. He was a U.S. citizen.3