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Shortly after the Supreme Court of the United States invalidated school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education,[1] Mississippi Circuit Judge Tom P. Brady [2] delivered a speech to a chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution on the decision’s consequences. Brady’s speech, later published and popularized throughout the South,[3] declared that the ruling’s ultimate goal was not educational equality, but racial amalgamation:[4]

Let’s get one thing unmistakably clear, the leaders of the three million block-voting negroes of the North and East and of California, together with segments of the Communist-front organizations of our population, have set as their goal the ‘passing’ of the negro in these United States . . . . These new deal, square deal, liberated, black qualified electors are determined to indoctrinate the Southern negro with this ideal, and arouse him to follow them in their social program for amalgamation of the two races.[5]