2022 Panel 1: Intricacies of the Court


2022 Panel 1: Intricacies of the Court

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This year’s annual Childress Lecture, to be delivered by University of Texas School of Law Professor Stephen Vladeck, will provide both a historical introduction to and a modern reassessment of the shape and size of the Supreme Court’s docket — and will argue that both academic and public discourse about the work of the Court has increasingly failed to account for holistic shifts in the kinds of cases that the Justices are (and aren’t) choosing to decide. A proper accounting of the ‘Business of the Supreme Court,’ Professor Vladeck will argue, helps to show just how significantly the Court’s role in our legal system has changed in recent years — without almost anyone noticing.


Panel 1: Intricacies of the Court

  • Morgan Hazelton, Associate Professor; Political Science, Saint Louis University
  • Ben Johnson, Associate Professor of Law, The Pennsylvania State University Law School
  • Tejas Narechania, Robert and Nanci Corson Assistant Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley School of Law

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Panel 1, Intricacies, Court



2022 Panel 1: Intricacies of the Court